New Patient

  • Please try to complete the Patient Registration and Patient History Forms prior to your first visit or you will be asked to fill out the forms then. It is important the information you provide be accurate since we will rely on this data as you make future visits. It is the patient’s responsibility to make sure we have all your updated information, ie. current phone number, address, and insurance information, etc.
  • Please bring your insurance card with you on the first visit or when there is a change in your insurance. Please try not to schedule any other appointment within two hours of your appointment time as you are expected to spend up to an hour and a half on your first visit. If you have had blood tests, x-rays, or any other diagnostic tests done, please arrange to have them faxed, sent or hand-carried to our office. Your appointment may be delayed or rescheduled while we try to obtain these records from your doctor on the date of your visit.